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So yesterday I had a great “field trip” up to Menlo Park to visit Alter G. This cool new company has invented a “gravity reducing” machine!

VMC Foundation champion and donor Bill Peacock advises the Alter G team and suggested I check them out for their medical applications. I’m no doctor (REALLY no doctor), but the healing value of this doo-hickey is obvious. Alter G’s treadmill/air pressure system is being used in hospitals around the country, including the Palo Alto VA and Los Gatos Community. It’s great for runners recovering from injury, patients with spinal cord injuries, people with diabetes, and many other categories of folks with limited mobility.

I climbed in and began to walk, and they reduced my “weight” to what it would feel like walking on the moon. Giant steps are what I took. SUPER cool!

Trouble is, as usual, great technology is not cheap. And, with VMC’s budget crisis looming, our staff is swamped. One day I hope we can bring the Alter G anti-gravity gizmo to VMC…and if you are interested in helping, give me a shout.

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  1. dwarfplanet9
    dwarfplanet9 says:

    This looks like a really valuable tool for spinal cord injury (SCI). I want to help get one for VMC!


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