Wow…you want a humbling experience?

Now, I know I’m not the first person to Google themselves…but really – how many people find out that they share a name with a famous serial killer?

Yep. Especially because I’m trying to educate folks about Measure A on the November ballot, I figured it would be important that they be able to find me on line. Oops! That’s not me…that’s, uh…some other guy! Who killed people. Bad luck? Yes. I’m not even REMOTELY related to that Chris Wilder. Honest.
So, then I Googled “Chris Wilder Health” and found a cool copy of Connections, the employee magazine for those who work for the Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System. It’s over four years old, but it told me three things:
1. The mission of the VMC Foundation hasn’t changed – we’re still at it, with all enthusiasm!
2. The photo, taken a full 12 years ago, shows I could use some time on the stairmaster.
3. We’ve got to figure out a way to get “googlers” to get to , right?
I’m no Internet expert, so I’ll share this with my brillaint staff and they’ll help me figure out how to get more traffic to our website, and to info about Measure A, and not to a serial killer. I mean, honestly…killing Captain Crunch? King Vitamin? Too horrible.
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