Wish List success continuing…

The VMC Foundation “Holiday Wish List” is now officially 75% granted, thanks to a great group of folks with big hearts…and led by two of the biggest:

Elaine Elkin, philanthropist and business owner, offered a challenge grant to fund the H1N1 Infection Control Stations this week, which was immediately matched to fulfill the $9,500 needed. VMC will now be stopping flu at the door, thanks to this holiday generosity.

Also, Silicon Valley foundation and development powerhouse John A. Sobrato funded the balance of the “art for oncology patients” program, providing a soothing atmosphere for patients undergoing radiation treatment – hugely important, and we’re so thankful!

Click here to learn more about Ms. Elkin and Mr. Sobrato, and if you happen to know them, help me thank them…and watch this space next week for updates on our final “Wish List” item. Happy Holidays!

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