When all around you is collapsing…

…your hospital better not.

Judy is my neighbor, and her life was saved by Valley Medical Center when her house crushed her in the Quake of 1989. It seems strange to call Judy “lucky”, but that’s how she feels looking back on the hours after the second floor of her Los Gatos home landed on top of her as she tried to escape.

Judy is my neighbor, and her story is so compelling that we wanted to capture it on film. It’s wrong to say this is a low-budget production, because that would imply that we had SOME kind of budget. So, this likely won’t win us an Academy Award – but if they gave Oscars out for saving lives, my neighbors – and the trauma team at VMC – would deserve one.

The point is this: We don’t know when the next life-threatening earthquake will hit, but we know it’s coming. Parts of Valley Medical Center need to be replaced because they don’t meet seismic standards for a quake much larger than the one in 1989. And Judy knows that if VMC had not been there for her, she wouldn’t be here today. Period.

Please watch this short video (send it to your personal email if your employer blocks YouTube) and then visit http://www.vmcmatters.com/ to learn about Measure A on the November ballot.
Then ask yourself the question I opened with: When all around you is collapsing, shouldn’t your hospital remain at the ready?
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