What to do with your OLD iPad…

Debbie Bursdall, on the left, helps a rehab patient with tech access. Be a part of the solution(s) with us!

Tomorrow the new iPad is released. If you’re like me, you’ll be lining up overnight  in the rain outside the Apple Store to get yours!

Okay, not really. But I WOULD if I had the time, because like most Apple products the New iPad is sure to be an amazing device. If you’re excited about your New iPad, you may not yet have decided just what to do with your old one.

May I humbly suggest: Donate it to the Technology Access Program at the VMC Foundation! We work every day with Valley Medical Center patients who have spinal cord or traumatic brain injuries to set them up with web access, voice activation, and other technological needs…which helps them in so many ways.

The iPad, it turns out, is a fantastic rehabilitation tool. It is light-weight, light-touch, large-screen, and perfect for people living with paralysis. The iPad can even help them regain functionality as they stay connected with loved ones and the outside world. An endless supply of apps, voice recognition, games…well, you get it.

Our Technology Access Program, led by the VMC Foundation’s Debbie Burdsall, is so successful that she travels around the country telling other hospitals how we do it. But to do it as well as we can, we need a steady stream of the latest and greatest – or close to it. Therefore, if you have an older iPad or even a gently-used laptop, give us a call at 408-885-5299 (or reply to this post) and claim a tax deduction by donating it. Our patients will benefit, and you’ll feel even better about standing in the drizzle all night waiting for the Apple Store to open tomorrow!

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