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Getting tired of reading my thoughts and musings in “The Wilder Side of Health?” No, of COURSE you’re not…but, there’s more to say, and more voices with which to say it.

That’s why The VMC Foundation is proud to announce the launch of its new blog: VMC Foundation Lifelines. This forum will be used to highlight trends in heath care, philanthropy and how “The Great Recession” is impacting people in all walks of life in Santa Clara County.

It will also provide you a venue to meet the doctors, nurses, administrators, therapists, technicians and others who make Santa Clara Valley Medical Center one of the finest county hospitals in the country.

Follow our blog at: http://www.vmcfoundation.org/blog

Just now, you can learn about how many High School students fainted during a recent tour, and about the biggest grant we’ve ever sought (help us by crossing your fingers!)

You can also connect with us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/vmcfoundation

AND Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/vmcfoundation

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