VMC Foundation Water: Good for you AND the planet!

Hey VMC staff…I’m pleased to announce the arrival of VMC Foundation Water!

For now, this unique product is only available in Valley Specialty Center and the AOB, but it’s coming soon to a Valley Health Center near you assuming the response is positive.

We hope it will be, and here are a few reasons why: First, VMC Foundation Water Bottles are not your typical plastic; they are plant-based, and biodegradable and compostable in commercial facilities! Just place your empties in our normal recycle bins, and they’ll be separated off site.

Second, we should be drinking more water. As part of the “Soda Free Summer” campaign, our County Public Health Department encourages us to “rethink our drink” as we see the effects of sugary beverages on our community’s weight and health. The VMC Foundation is proud to partner with BANPAC, Kaiser, and others to ensure these messages get out far and wide.

Third, every bottle sold benefits the VMC Foundation, which benefits YOU! What could be better? We hope you enjoy the convenience of VMC Foundation Water, and hope this trend in plant-based packaging starts replacing some of the plastic that’s filling up our planet at an alarming rate.

You see, more than sixty million plastic bottles wind up in our landfills every day. We’re proud to NOT be contributing – so drink up…to our health!

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