VMC Foundation Board Chairperson Norman Kline was a natural choice

Entrepreneur, Mayor, Community Leader – Norman Kline, President of Library World Inc. and former Mayor of Saratoga, added a new title to his resume in January – Chairperson of the VMC Foundation Board of Directors. Norman has served on the Board since 2007. His ascension to Chairperson is not only an acknowledgment of his contributions to the Foundation, but of the important role he plays as a business and civic leader in Santa Clara County.

“Norm has a unique combination of business sense, political acumen and a passion for community involvement,” said VMC Foundation Executive Director Chris Wilder. “He was a natural choice to be our next Chair, and we are grateful for his leadership.”

Norman’s involvement with VMC started very early in life – at the very beginning, to be exact. Born at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, Norman and his family relied on VMC for their care throughout his childhood, be it for check-ups or trips to the Emergency Room. He grew up in San Jose, attending public schools. In his junior year of high school, he served as the student representative to the San Jose Unified School District Board of Directors. It was his first foray into public office, and clearly inspired a lifetime of civic engagement.

“You can really change the world in local politics,” he said. “You can build a park, increase community access to transportation, help a hospital…do things that would surprise most people.”

Norman served on the Saratoga City Council from 2002 – 2006, and as Mayor during a portion of that term. He serves on numerous local boards and commissions, and takes an active role in local politics.

He also has a day job, running a successful business with customers world-wide. Library World provides online inventory management tools to school, university, public and private libraries throughout the United States, Asia and Europe. Headquartered in San Jose, Norman hopes to expand the company to serve10,000 facilities in the coming years.

“He is a classic Silicon Valley entrepreneur,” said Wilder. “Smart, strategic, and self-made.”

As Chairperson, Norman says he looks forward to promoting the VMC Foundation Capital Campaign. With funds from the voter-approved Measure A, VMC is in the process of replacing outdated facilities that do not meet California earthquake safety standards with a new hospital wing. While Measure A will pay for construction costs, millions more are needed to outfit the building with the best possible equipment. It will be a major undertaking, given the economy and decline in charitable giving.

But it is a challenge that Norman will face head on. After all, he knows the value of VMC to the next generation. The young patient of today could be a mayor, entrepreneur or community leader of tomorrow. Or, in Norman’s case, all of the above.

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