VMC cares for people. And bees.

The beekeeper relocates a huge hive from the rafters of VMC’s historic building. Carefully, I would think.

The oldest building on Valley Medical Center’s campus still in use is this one, which houses VMC’s Sexual Assault Response Team. The SART program is the only one in the county, and sadly treats 30 patients a month. It’s a safe place right next to the main hospital where victims of assault get treatment and have evidence collected.

That “safe place” might be why a colony of bees moved in two years ago and built a big hive. That worked out for a while, until we couldn’t go on without fixing the roof.

So, we called in a beekeeper to relocate the hive and its owners.  They get a permanent home, and we get a new roof on a building that goes back to 1917. The roof, by the way, isn’t the only part of the building that needs TLC…so, if you are interested in preserving this historic landmark on your public hospital campus, give me a buzz.

That’s one honey of a beehive! Bees, like VMC’s SART Program, are important to protect.

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