VMC and our Public Health Officer in the news…

It’s likely no surprise to you, but the H1N1 Virus (we’re not calling it Swine-Flu anymore, I’m told) is driving a large number of people to Valley Medical Center’s emergency department.

But that’s nothing new…it just makes a growing problem worse. This article is in today’s Mercury News:

While Roy Milligan sped along the freeway on his Harley, a metal chunk flew off a truck and struck his foot. Milligan worried the foot was broken but had lost his insurance along with his job last year. A co-worker at his new job suggested he go to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.

“He told me they were really good to people who don’t have insurance,” Milligan said.

Apparently, the word is spreading. Since October, Valley Medical Center officials have seen a 10 percent increase in the number of uninsured patients

Check out the full article here.

Meanwhile, the fight against the outbreak of H1N1 has a great champion. Dr. Marty Fenstersheib is profiled today in the Mercury News as well:

Meet Dr. Marty Fenstersheib and his dark companions: anthrax and bioterrorism. West Nile virus and cryptosporidium. SARS, HIV and TB.

As Santa Clara County’s public health officer since 1994, the small-statured, 59-year-old former pediatrician and marathon runner from Pittsburgh is accustomed to finding himself at the center of Silicon Valley’s scariest public health threats.

Again, read the full article here – Marty is a pretty amazing guy, and we should all thank our lucky stars that he’s looking out for us!

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