Valley Medical Center: When old was new…

Friends, I just had to share this fantastic photo of Valley Medical Center’s “new main” hospital. New, of course, in 1965. That’s when we’re quite sure this was taken. You car buffs can probably tell me if that’s correct.

What I can tell you for sure is that for 50 years, starting in 1960 and continuing today, this building has helped serve Santa Clara County’s health care needs. It saw to the training of one in four doctors who practice in Silicon Valley. It saw the patient population served by VMC go up hundreds of percentage points. Hundreds!

Fifty years is a good run for a huge hospital building, especially in earth quake country. Health care technology has advanced at a mind-boggling pace, and it’s time to replace this old structure. The state mandates it, and the fault lines around us call for fast action. Measure A can make it happen, and it’s replacement should last far longer than 50 years, providing generations in our community with life-saving services, delivered by the best MD’s, RN’s, techs and volunteers anywhere.

Oh yeah…and if we don’t, this community is in big trouble. can tell you more. Thanks to the VMC Historical Society for this great photo – more to come, everyone!

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