Unveiling VMC’s Sobrato Cancer Center Donor Wall

In 2009, Valley Medical Center opened a new, world class outpatient cancer treatment center, named for the Sobrato family. It is open to all, regardless of ability to pay.

Thanks to John Sobrato and other generous donors, like Peggy Fleming Jenkins and Dr. Greg Jenkins, the VMC Foundation raised over $2 million in support of the center. On March 19, the Foundation hosted these donors – and many others – to unveil a commemorative donor wall in the lobby of theSobratoCancerCenter.

“You all know that most of the patients here are not insured. Approximately 80% of the people who are treated here, whether its cancer or something else, are not able to pay,” said Sobrato at the event. “It’s because of the foresight of elected officials like Susie Wilson years ago that set up this hospital to take care of those folks that makes me proud to live in Silicon Valley, where we take care of our own.”

Thanks to our generous donors, VMC is able to take care of this community. Thank you to everyone who came out for this special event.

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