Thanking our donors: A selfish thing to do…

Friday marked the unveiling of the VMC Foundation’s new Donor Wall outside the Sobrato Cancer Center in the newest building on VMC’s campus. VIP’s and wealthy philanthropists mingled with doctors, nurses and administrators as we celebrated the generosity of our community.

…and I’ve gotta say, A little gratitude goes a long way.

For one thing, our staff and that of VMC felt so good to hear from our donors, including the famous Peggy Fleming-Jenkins and her talented wine-making husband, Dr. Greg Jenkins. They pulled back the curtain to reveal the new beautiful donor wall, and we all felt a surge of pride.

But hearing John A. Sobrato tell the group why he is so committed to VMC, well that is a gift so heartfelt and powerful, I feel like we all came away enriched. Yes, I know that sounds overly-emotional, but if you were there, then you know.

…and if you weren’t there, please read this wonderful blog post from Erica Cosgrove, regular contributor to the Silicon Valley Moms Blog. She describes the day better than I ever could. If you’re moved by what you read, please share it with others. Our donors deserve the notoriety, and frankly, so does the beautiful Sobrato Cancer Center at VMC.

If you’re REALLY moved, please visit

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