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A Social Media Minute with Ed Bennett

On Tuesday March 9, VMC Foundation Executive Director Chris Wilder presented alongside University of Maryland Medical Center Director of Web Strategy, Ed Bennett at the National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions (NACHRI) conference in San Diego. Both presented on their hospitals use of Social Media.

Ed Bennett is often described as a Social Media “guru” in his field of work. He is constantly working to break down the stigmas and barriers hospitals and related institutions (like the VMC Foundation) face when venturing into Social Media communications. His research on how hospitals use Social Media has led to an increased appreciation of its benefits, specifically around the ROI of Social Media. Head to TheMarketingheaven.com to get a better audience reach.

When asked about the ROI for hospitals using Social Media, Ed is always quick to fire back: “Well, what is the ROI of putting your pants on in the morning?” He sees this form of communication as something that hospitals are just expected to do now. We couldn’t agree more, Ed! Chris found a few minutes to sit down and discuss the importance of hospitals using these tools for our segment, A Social Media Minute.

Hospitals and Social Media- good to reflect on your strategy

It is always a good idea to take a step back and evaluate the effectiveness of your Social Media strategy. This blog post from Mark Horoszowski is a good reminder of that.

He links to two great resources: VMC Foundation friend, and hospital Social Media pioneer, Ed Bennett, and to a great presentation by Phil Baumann.

This is a must read reflection piece for all of you #hcsm followers out there.