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Forget swimming…how about BOWLING with The Sharks?

San Jose Sharks FoundationI was delighted to announce last month a new partnership with the Sharks Foundation that will transform a VMC pediatric clinic into a Sharks-themed center of health, fun and overall awesomeness.

Well it gets even better.

To help raise funds for the project, the Sharks Foundation is hosting the inaugural “Sharks & Strikes” charity bowling tournament on November 14th, and you are invited. Join the Sharks Foundation, Sharks players, coaches and broadcasters for a night of bowling and raise money for a great cause. Prices start at only $100 for youth and $150 for adults with proceeds benefiting the Sharks Pediatric Clinic at Valley Health Center Tully.

The event will take place at 300 San Jose, near the Oakridge Mall. Tickets are limited, so act fast. For more information or to register, visit www.SharksFoundation.org.

When is a Shark Bite a Healthy Thing?

San Jose Sharks Foundation

The San Jose Sharks are a team of tough, big, scrappy and talented hockey players…but they are also deeply committed to their community. No wonder, then, that their entire organization and Foundation are too. Here’s a picture of them visiting Valley Medical Center a while back…and our work together continued…

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a new partnership between the Sharks Foundation and the VMC Foundation: The San Jose Sharks Pediatric Clinic at VHC Tully!

The clinic is already there at Valley Health Center Tully in San Jose, and serves more than 6,000 children each month! And while it’s long on quality care for kids, it’s short on décor and inspiration.

Enter the Sharks, who are investing up to $100,000 to “re-imagine” the Clinic. We’ll have Sharks images of players, team colors throughout and of course Sharkie, the team mascot everywhere. More than just looking good, the clinic will be full of healthy tips for kids and parents: Take a BITE out of your veggies, drink water not soda, get your exercise and immunizations…all positive messages to match the positive look and feel.

Parents will love it too, and of course this “Legacy Project” will help the Sharks show off their involvement in our community. They already do a lot, but this is a very big deal. Huge thanks to Jeff Cafuir, the Sharks Foundation Manager, for spearheading the project along with our team here at the VMC Foundation and throughout the Sharks organization.

So yes, the Sharks are caring, humble, community-minded idealists…unless of course you meet them on the ice. Wearing an Anaheim Ducks uniform.

Video: San Jose Sharks visit VMC Pediatric Unit

It is always nice to have visitors to cheer you up when you are in the hospital. It’s good to see the people you care about when you are feeling under the weather. When you are a child, those visits are especially important. Being in a hospital can be emotional, and having a visitor take your mind off your injury is a welcome distraction. That’s why we feel so fortunate that the San Jose Sharks are so generous with their time. This was the third visit from Sharks players this year, and, as always, they totally made the day of the pediatric patients they saw. This time, we brought a video camera along to document the visit. Give the video below a watch, and GO SHARKS!