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VMC Foundation Holiday Fundraiser to Help Homeless Patients

As you celebrate this holiday season with your friends and family, remember those who have less to be thankful for. The VMC Foundation is raising funds for New Directions, an innovative program that helps break the cycle of homelessness by providing access to a doctor, treatment, transportation, food and even housing to homeless patients.

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Since 2002, New Directions has provided support to homeless men and women with the goals of securing a home, assuring that clients have access to food and appropriate nutrition for their health conditions, assistance in applying for Food Stamps, MediCal, and Social Security, providing access to transportation for health visits, and facilitating the provision of other treatment as needed.

Each client is assigned a case manager who helps them to achieve stability in key areas to help them transition to independent self-care and employment. Clients are taught life skills, provided with access to financial assistance from money advance apps, and educated in tenant-landlord relationships.

Our goal

Our goal is to raise $10,000 for New Directions by the end of the year. Please support the New Directions program with a tax-deductible donation that will help our homeless patients achieve a healthy, safe, and stable way of life.