Doing good in your community can make good financial sense. Let us show you how.

The US tax code, besides funding public services, is designed to promote beneficial behaviors. We are encouraged to save for retirement by making pre-tax contributions to an IRA or a 401k. Home ownership is boosted by the ability to write-off mortgage interest against income. In the same way, charitable giving is incentivized by a series of deductions to both current income and estate taxes that provide a donor with tax benefits for giving.

Planned giving is based on this concept. These gifts can provide significant tax advantages and should be a component of any well-conceived tax and estate plans. The advantages can be realized today and in the future, and can be constructed in ways that address your priorities and aspirations.

Of course, planned giving is also about making a difference. A major consideration of any estate plan should be: how do you wish to be remembered? This can be greatly influenced by the gifts you make and how they are memorialized. Dedicating a room at a hospital, a piece of art, or a building attributed to your donation can create a lasting memory of your generosity to be cherished by future generations.

The VMC Foundation has a well-established program for planned giving, with expert help at the ready to answer your questions. To learn more, contact Camie VanKeuren, Chief Development Officer via email or 408-282-0546.