Support VMC the easy way…Rock n’ Roll and BBQ!

So, last night’s band practice was totally excellent…I know because my ears are still ringing.

We’re practicing for the upcoming VMC BBQ, put on annually by your public hospital’s award-winning Therapeutic Recreation department. This dedicated crew supports our patients with spinal cord and brain injuries – and their family and friends.

Oh – the band…yes, it’s the famous Idol Hands, in which your humble author plays bass guitar. When we’re not busy wasting time, playing games, trying to figure out is solitaire clash legit – we do blues, rock, R&B…fronted by our amazing singer Veronica Giles, R.N., we provide live entertainment for all the big VMC events…maybe because we play for free.

Come support VMC’s Rehab Center, National Parks and Recreation Month, and the Idol Hands Band:

Thursday July 9, 11:30 – 1 (ish)
Valley Medical Center’s Rehab Lawn, Bascom at Renova
BBQ, live music, games, prizes and fun
Five Dollars for lunch, rehab patients FREE

This great mid-day, mid-week escape is open to the public…tell a friend or two and come on down!

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