Special delivery…and it’s a BIG ONE!

Wanna see something fantastic? That big machine there is called a linear accelerator…and no, it’s not the mile-long kind at Stanford. Rather, that’s the VERY high-tech cancer treatment device, made by Varian, and purchased by a team of dedicated donors to the VMC Foundation.

It weighs five tons.

This is where we trust in cranes…and the folks who operate them.

Our “linac” was delivered last weekend, and as this photo shows, lowered down into the new Sobrato Cancer Center. Very carefully. Besides being five tons, it’s nuclear medicine. Yep, we’re moving slowly with this one!

Just a reminder: Without the County of Santa Clara, the Sobrato Family Foundation, The Levy Family, Cypress Semiconductor, and a host of generous contributors, this delivery would not have been possible. Soon, this amazing medical equipment will begin saving lives – and that’s what the VMC Foundation is about. We’re so proud!

…and if you think the linac is heavy, you should see the concrete bunker it’s housed in. Would you like to? Give us a call at 408-885-5299 and we’ll arrange a tour!

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