Social media and fund raising…we’re getting there!

I’ll be in San Diego for a couple of days this week, attending a national conference on behavioral health. My presentation is on social media and how we in the public benefit sector can use it to raise awareness – and money – for the work we do.

One fun little tool I like is QR codes, which turn your web address or file into a Jackson Pollack painting…which you can then read with your smart phone, and have a video or website pop up. The one above right is a funny video we made for hospital staff demonstrating phone etiquette.

I’ll be wearing one at the conference as a name tag, which will be my electronic business card…anyone who scans it with their smart phone will land on this blog page, and have my contact info:

E. Christopher Wilder
Executive Director
Valley Medical Center Foundation
2400 Moorpark Ave. #207
San Jose CA 95128

Fun! Think of ways you might use these neat little tools, and of course, follow me and the Valley Medical Center Foundation on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Also, if you want to get an idea of what I’ll be talking about this week in San Diego, here’s the slide show.

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