Seen any good movies lately?

When we redesigned the VMC Foundation website last year, we thought it would be fun to post videos on YouTube to show off parts of Silicon Valley’s biggest, busiest hospital.

By “we”, I mean me and a couple of our staff members, including Michael Elliott, Director of Program Development. Our goal was to share some of what goes on at VMC, our work in the community – especially for folks who haven’t been on a tour of our campus (I recommend them).
They were not designed to be high-budget, big-production jobs starring Ben Stiller (at least not yet) or Paris Hilton (not ever), but rather a new way to share information. You can see our past episodes of “VMC Foundation TV” at the bottom of our home page at (If your employer blocks access to YouTube, just send this link to your personal account.)
But today, a NEW video has been completed, and I’m really excited about it. This one was specifically requested by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to exemplify our work to enhance nursing practices at VMC on our journey to “Magnet Status” – that’s the highest level of nursing designation a hospital can get, and VMC is the ONLY public hospital so far to apply for this top honor.
So that means big name actors, gourmet deli trays and gaffers, right? WRONG! It’s all about the story that one nurse has to tell, and the audience will be the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’s Board of Directors, not the Hollywood A-List. Michael Elliott may not win his first directing Oscar for this one, but he did succeed in helping share our story with one of the VMC Foundation’s most important collaborators. We hope they enjoy it as much as you do, but please don’t nominate Linda Fenn, R.N., for a Best Actress award…she’s not acting.

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