Reach Out and Read (with your Congressman)

The alert reader of the San Jose Mercury News may have seen the photo of Congressman Mike Honda reading to kids at Valley Health Center, East Valley, this week.

If not – even if so – here’s the low-down: Our cool representitive wanted to see one of the VMC Foundation’s best programs. So, we took him to our clinic on McKee Road where he met our doctors and nurses and staff who run the show…and run Reach Out and Read (click here to learn about ROR…it’s the fourth program listed)

This fusion of health care and literacy is so powerful, and watching Mike Honda read to kids in fluent Spanish was a blast…in the photo above, he and David were reading about a cow who ate too many pears. Sounds like more fun than being shouted at by foes of your health care reform ideas.

It was also amazing to see how many people knew and liked Congressman Honda, everywhere he went. People would just run up to hug him or shake his hand. Makes me wonder how many other legislators are so well-loved in their districts. Thanks, Mike! Oh – here are more pictures too.

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