A Hand Up

Provides patient assistance as requested by ambulatory care social workers  

Access Health

Supports the development of a pilot online personal health record system

Age-Friendly Santa Clara County

Improves the health of Santa Clara County seniors by promoting an age-friendly agenda championed by the World Health Organization  

Annie's Fund

Purchases stuffed animals for inpatient pediatric patients and chronically ill inpatient adults  

Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics (APGO) Fund

Provides the "Educating the Next Generation of Women's Health Care Providers" leadership training for OBGYN residents  

Barbara Arons Pavilion Fund

Benefits the programs and patients within the Barbara Arons Pavilion, the site of Emergency Psychiatric Services on the campus of SCVMC.  

Better Health Pharmacy

Increases the inventory of the Better Health Pharmacy, an innovative joint-venture to distribute donated prescription medicines to those in need.  

Breast Cancer Support Group

Supports the activities of the breast cancer support group.

Burn Unit Fund

Supports programs, training and other activities of the SCVMC Burn Trauma Center.  

Childhood Feeding Collaborative

Supports activities of the Childhood Feeding Collaborative for diabetes prevention.

Cisco Valentine's Day

A program of Cisco employees, raising funds to purchase Valentine's Day gifts for hospitalized pediatric patients.  

Clean Slate

Provides upkeep of tattoo removal laser services at SCVMC, servicing ex-gang members and victims of sexual trafficking.  

Colectivo ALA

Provides for the health and well-being of Spanish-speaking gay men and other members of the LGBT community.  

Customer Service Fund

Supports activities of the SCVMC Department of Customer Service.  

Custody Health Fund

Supports services provided by Custody Health Services Department.  

Dionette Kelton Memorial Education Fund

Supports education and staff development programs at SCVMC, in memory of SCVMC nurse leader Dionette Kelton.  

Emergency Department Trust Fund

Supports professional development and employee recognition activities for staff of the SCVMC Emergency Department.  

Farmers' Market

With start-up funds provided by The Health Trust, the VMC Foundation launched a weekly Farmers' Market at SCVMC in 2013. From May-November each year, SCVMC staff and patients have access to healthy fruits and vegetables right on campus. The program is aligned with the County of Santa Clara's healthy eating guidelines, and offers support to patient education programs that promote nutrition to combat obesity and diabetes.  

Genetics Center

Supports activities of the South Bay Regional Genetics Center at SCVMC.  

Geriatric Clinic Fund

Purchases clinic supplies to benefit geriatric patients.  

Gift Shop

The SCVMC Gift Shop, located on the ground floor of the Main Hospital, has been staffed by volunteers and managed by the VMC Foundation for over a decade. By all outward appearances, it’s a traditional hospital gift shop. But its function is much more important. All proceeds generated by sales support VMC Foundation initiatives, literally being reinvested into SCVMC. Just as important, the gift shop is an oasis for patient families and staff members who benefit from a welcoming space to decompress and chat with a friendly volunteer. Hospitals can be stressful places, and the SCVMC gift shop offers some much needed respite.

Hep B Free

Supports multi-agency programmatic work to spread awareness and prevention of hepatitis B in Santa Clara County.  

Infant Neurodevelopment Clinic Fund

Purchases educational materials for patients and their parents.  

Laure Wang Fund

Supports patient care activities at SCVMC Department of Physical Rehabilitation.  

Lucina Maternity Fund

Supports the development of an integrated maternity practice within SCVMC using Certified Nurse Midwives.  

Lucy Medina Family Support Fund

Provides burial or cremation assistance to low-income families from SCVMC's Labor and Deliver Unit.  

Medical Respite Program

Provides support to SCVMC Medical Respite Program for the homeless population.  

Milpitas Wellness Fund

Supports wellness activities for staff of Valley Health Center Milpitas.  

Medicine Jensen Residency Education

Supports activities of SCVMC's Physician Residency Program.  

Mental Health Housing Fund

Assists mentally ill homeless or at-risk consumers with items they cannot afford.  

Mobile Dental Clinic Fund

Maintains SCVMC's mobile dental clinic van.

Moorpark Employee Wellness Fund

Supports wellness activities for staff of Valley Health Center Moorpark in San Jose.

Mother Infant Care Center (MICC) Fund

Provides equipment and supports staff training at SCVMC's Mother Infant Care Center.  

Nephrology/Renal Care Unit Fund

Supports activities at SCVMC Renal Care Center.  

Neuro Net

Multi-agency collaboration to help patients with traumatic brain injuries transition from hospital to home.  

NICU Equipment Fund

Funds the purchase of equipment for SCVMC's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  

NICU E. Elkin Fund

Provides supplies and equipment to support SCVMC's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit patient care staff.  

NICU Education Fund

Supports staff education opportunities for SCVMC's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  

NICU General Fund

Provides ongoing support to SCVMC's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  

Nursing General Fund

Supports any and all activities related to VMC nursing, as designated by the SCVMC Chief Nursing Officer.  

NICU Prenatal to Three Program

Enables SCVMC's NICU to implement a comprehensive family-centered approach to providing care for medically fragile infants, babies born with serious birth defects, and babies affected by substance abuse of the mother during pregnancy.  


Supports department research, education and programs at SCVMC Department of OB/GYN.

Occupational and Physical Therapy Fund

Supports the OTs and PTs from SCVMC's Department of Physical Rehabilitation with training, recognition and other support.  

Oncology Fund

Supports activities of the SCVMC Department of Oncology.

Offender Treatment Program

Assists clients of the County's Department of Alcohol and Drug Services (DADS) to obtain basic need items like DMV ID cards, birth certificates, and other documents.  

Omar's Dream Fund

Enables hospitalized and medically supervised children to remotely attend school allowing them to stay connected to their teachers and classmates.  

PACE Clinic Fund

Provides equipment and other support to SCVMC's HIV AIDS center, the Pace Clinic.  

Palliative Care General Fund

Supports activities of SCVMC's Palliative Care Program.  

Palliative Care Hospitality Room Program

Provides a hospitality room for family members of patients who are on comfort care and are dying in the hospital to allow a quiet place to grieve, to rest, and to find support and comfort.  

Patient Family Advocacy Program

Supports and improves patient service and satisfaction in all clinics, customer service, facilities and marketing departments.  

Patterson SCI Matters

Provides peer support activities for people living with major spinal cord injuries in memory of Richard Patterson, Peer Support Coordinator at SCVMC Rehab.  

Pre-Diabetes During and After Pregnancy (PDDAP) Program

Supports the NICU/OBGYN/Genetics collaboration to analyze nutrition, diabetes and gene expression in new mothers and babies.  

Pedi Asthma Management Program

Supports asthma education and related programs.  

Pediatric Neuro Residency Education Program

Provides educational materials to SCVMC Pediatric residents.  

Pediatric Education Fund

Supports professional development and education activities for staff of SCVMC Pediatrics.  

Pediatric General Fund

Provides ongoing support for all aspects of SCVMC Pediatrics.  

Pediatric Health Lifestyle Center

Improves health, physical activity and recreation for at-risk and diabetic children.  

Pediatric Playground Fund

Funds improvements for the SCVMC Pediatric Outdoor Therapy Playground.  

Pediatric SART Fund

Provides ongoing support for the Pediatric Sexual Assault Response Team.  

Radiology Fund

Supports activities of the SCVMC Department of Radiology.

Reach Out and Read

Reach Out and Read provides free, age-appropriate books for kids ages 0-5 during their regular well-child exams at all SCVMC pediatric primary care centers. A national program, Reach Out and Read was brought to SCVMC in partnership with the VMC Foundation. Today, it’s one of the largest programs of its kind in the nation, distributing over 30,000 books each year. Reach Out and Read is administered by the VMC Foundation with funding support from the County of Santa Clara Department of Behavioral Health Services.  

Recreations Therapy Day of Discovery

Supports the annual Day of Discovery event for patients of SCVMC's Department of Rehabilitation.  

Recreation Therapy Fund

Provides individual and group treatment, evening activities, community reintegration, aquatic therapy, and more for patients with physical and cognitive deficits.  

Recreation Therapy Disability Awareness Day

Supports the annual Disability Awareness Day event in San Jose.  

Recreation Therapy Accessible Events Program

Facilitates community event for patients at SCVMC Rehab, such as hiking, concerts and other outdoor activities.  

Refugee Center Fund

Provides funds for annual Refugee Awareness Day.  

Rebuilding Lives in Rehabilitation Program

Provides support to patients in SCVMC's Department of Rehabilitation.  

Rehab Employee Recognition Fund

Supports recognition activities for employees of SCVMC's Department of Rehabilitation.  

Rehab Mentoring Nurses Fund

Supports nurse mentoring activities and quality performance improvement projects in SCVMC's Rehabilitation nursing units.  

Rehab Nursing Fund

Supports nurses from SCVMC's Department of Physical Rehabilitation with training, recognition and other support.

Rehab Patient Assistance Fund

Supports the purchase of basic supplies and equipment for spinal cord, traumatic brain injury and stroke patients and/or their families.  

SCiPad mHealth Program

Support mobile health project with the purchase of iPads and other adaptive technology for patients of SCVMC Department of Rehabilitation.  

Sepsis Quality Improvement Program

Provides staff education tools for sepsis-related quality improvement initiatives at SCVMC.  

Sexual Assault Response Team Fund (SART)

Promotes public awareness, education and training opportunities for the SCVMC Sexual Assault Response Team.  

Silicon Valley Down Syndrome Network (SVDSN)

Provides activities for children and adults with Down syndrome and provides ongoing support and education to families.  

Sweet Support Fund

Provides tools for pregnant women with diabetes to improve nutrition/management.  

Smoking Cessation Program

Supports activities of the SCVMC Smoking Cessation program for current and former patients.  

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) General Fund

Provides ongoing support to the SCVMC Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Unit.  

Stroke Awareness Fund

Supports education, outreach, prevention and other activities that reduce the re-occurrence of strokes.  

Stroke Support Fund

Benefits the patients, families and staff of SCVMC's stroke rehabilitation unit.  

Technology Access Program

Provides SCVMC patients with specialized, adaptive technology for use during their hospital stay.  

Take Flight for Kids

Provides low-income youth with access to general aviation programs.  

TBI Matters Fund

Provides an educational lecture series for individuals who have suffered traumatic brain injuries.  

TBI Rehab Patient Education Program

Provides funding for education activities for patients with traumatic brain injuries.  

TBI PMR Resident Education Program

Provides funding for special projects by physical medicine and rehabilitation residents at SCVMC Rehabilitation.  

Therapy Services Fund

Supports training, equipment and other needs of the Therapy Services Department at SCVMC.  

Trauma Services Fund

Provides ongoing support to the Trauma Center at SCVMC.

Turning Wheels for Kids

Turning Wheels for Kids is a program of the VMC Foundation that provides low-income children with free bicycles to encourage life-long habits of exercise, outdoor activity and independence. Founded by a former SCVMC nurse leader, Turning Wheels for Kids has distributed more than 30,000 bikes to needy kids since its founding. As a mostly volunteer-run program, Turning Wheels for Kids is in constant need of support for its bike builds and community-based repair clinics. To learn more turningwheelsforkids.org.

Vascular Access Program

Supports Vascular Access seminar activity.  

Valley Health Center Gilroy Fund

Provides ongoing support to Valley Health Center Gilroy, a SCVMC primary care clinic facility.  

VMC Infectious Diseases Fund

Supports Infectious Disease Grand Rounds at SCVMC.  

Valley Health Center Pediatric Support Fund

Supports programs, services and equipment that positively impacts children served by SCVMC clinics throughout Santa Clara County.  

Valley Health Center Tully Clinic Fund

Provides ongoing support to Valley Health Center Tully in San Jose, a SCVMC primary care clinic facility.  

Valley Homeless Healthcare Program

Provides for incidental expenses for homeless patient served by the SCVMC Valley Homeless Healthcare Program.  

Valley Health Center Sunnyvale Employee Recognition Fund

Supports staff recognition events at Valley Health Center Sunnyvale, a SCVMC primary care clinic facility.  

We Care Program

Provides patients with cash awards for meeting specific and measurable health related criteria.