Phuc’s Story: The Art of Healing

The end of the year makes us so thankful for the incredible generosity of donors who make it possible for so much good throughout the year. In the hopes of inspiring you once more this holiday season, please read the story of one young man who has been helped by donors like you…

Art by Phuc

Though he was born strong and healthy, Phuc’s legs would soon stop developing. His parents were desperate to find answers. When their family eventually immigrated to the US in 2013 they brought Phuc to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC). Here his doctors and care team diagnosed him with muscular dystrophy, a condition that atrophies specific muscles—and in his case, his legs.

Art by Phuc

Though difficult to hear, it gave his parents some comfort in understanding his health needs. It prepared them for when in February 2018, he was hospitalized when a simple cold made it difficult for him to breathe. Eventually he would have to have a tracheotomy surgery to assist his breathing. Though his journey has been difficult, one part of his life that has given him strength is… his art.

With his nurses’ encouragement, Phuc has been working with hospital art therapist Lydia Rosso. Since that first meeting, a new form of healing began. Through acrylic paint and canvas, Phuc’s art—and Phuc himself—has thrived.

Art therapy is just one of the many programs and wrap-around services that SCVMC provides to patients. The doctors, nurses, and care teams are dedicated to caring for the whole patient, and often some of the best medicine doesn’t require a prescription.

Programs like art therapy, music therapy, and even play therapy exist because of you, our best supporters!

Please make a gift to ensure that programs that care for the whole person can continue.