Our Kids are Drowning in Sugar…

Produced by our coalition of agencies looking out for kids’ health, this image should be shared if it’s to succeed…please help!

Please help me spread the word about this…there’s NO WAY Valley Medical Center’s pediatricians should be seeing 4th graders with “adult onset” diabetes – but they are, every day. And please, don’t talk to me about the “nanny state” telling you what do drink. Do you think it’s awesome that billions of dollars in advertising have resulted in kids thinking they need soda, and otherwise well-meaning parents giving in to that pressure? Sorry – I get a little incensed about this, and if we don’t call out the enemy, we’ll never know who were fighting. The VMC Foundation is proud to have worked as fiscal sponsor of the “Re-Think Your Drink” campaign in Santa Clara County for the past few years…and I believe we’re making an impact. Share this info, and I’ll be right.

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