Our best Bike Build EVER. Again!

On Saturday, something happened so amazing that you pretty much have to see it to believe it…which you can do Turning Wheels for Kids.

My favorite coverage so far is by Tonic.com, and they’ve made the 2300 bikes and 600 volunteers their big inspiring story of the week. Read it here, and seriously now, share this with others. People deserve to know that the biggest all-volunteer “elf” event for the holidays involved this astounding program of the VMC Foundation.

Huge congratulations to Sue Runsvold, R.N., and her team of dedicated “Wheeler Dealers” whose contribution to holiday joy in Silicon Valley is unparallelled.

Last year’s Bike Build was so big, I wondered if they could do it again. Serves me right for wondering…this was the biggest and best ever. Hooray!

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