Movie Review: The Bucket List

Starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, I figured this Rob Reiner-directed flick would be well-acted, but shallow. Wrong! A poignient film with lots of good messages, I enjoyed it from start to finish.

Oh – except for what we pro movie reviewers call a “continuity error” right near the beginning. Continuity errors make it difficult to “suspend disbelief” in the “plotline” and often have us reaching for the “eject button” in favor of “Monty Python reruns”. Fortunately, I powered through it.
What was the error? Nicholson’s caracter is a hospital owner who insists on two-bed rooms for patients, which he sees as a way to save money or something. But here’s the thing: Folks who run hospitals in this day and age know full well that the future is private, single bed rooms!
And guess why? It’s better for the patients, AND, better for the hospital! Single bed rooms offer more privacy, ease of visitation and better rest…but they also offer better control of infection, and higher utilization, since you don’t have to worry about male/female issues, adult/child issues, and a host of other reasons that your humble movie reviewer is just learning about.
SO, Nicholson’s caracter would never insist on shared bed rooms…single bed, private rooms are more efficient any way you look at it. So, if Measure A passes on the November ballot, Valley Medical Center will begin construction on a new patient bed tower – and yes, they will be private suites, unlike some of the older parts of Silicon Valley’s largest hospital.
Ah, you thought I’d never work Measure A into this post, didn’t you. Silly you. Anyway, now you have a good movie to rent this Memorial Day weekend, and another reason to support Measure A. Doesn’t that feel good?
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