Measure A WINS!!!!!!

To all who voted for Valley Medical Center: Thank you.

Measure A, as of 5:30am today, has passed with 78% of the vote – well above the 2/3 needed. Wow.

Even in a tough economy, the voters understood. In a huge, complicated ballot, the voters understood. I wish I could go door-to-door and thank everyone who voted YES on Measure A.

Since that’s impractical, what we’ll do instead is to start building the new parts of Valley Medical Center. We’ll start soon – early next year – and we’ll keep county residents informed every step of the way. We’ll use the funds wisely, and make everyone proud of supporting VMC.

To all those who donated to the campaign, made phone calls, knocked on doors, or helped shape our messages…well, you must have done it right because Santa Clara County responded. This is a great day for health care in Silicon Valley, and a great day for the thousands of people who work for our county’s largest hospital. The message has been received: We all need VMC, and Santa Clara County appreciates you.

Now, there’s a great deal of work to be done. Let’s get on it!

With deep appreciation,

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