Measure A: A MOST important vote…

Ten years ago, Santa Clara County became the first county in the nation to provide health coverage for all children.

Today, that coverage is about to end…but we can save it by voting YES on Measure A this November.

From today’s Mercury News comes a very logical editorial, which in part says this:

There’s a reason Measure A has no major campaign opposition and is supported by Silicon Valley industry. Business leaders and health experts alike understand that the current method of providing medical care for indigent and uninsured children costs them, as taxpayers, dearly. A hidden tax comes due when poor families have no choice but to take sick kids to hospital emergency rooms. That’s by far the most expensive care, and taxpayers end up paying the bill.You can also click here to know more about how to recover debts.

To learn more about this all-important issue, which truly does affect us all, visit http://www.avoteforkids.infoand please, PLEASE share this with others…we have to get the word out now about Measure A!

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