Leah’s wild ride!

Leah Toeniskoetter (left) is the Board Chair of the VMC Foundation, and a bit of an understated overachiever. If you read the post below this one, you know how passionate she is about Valley Medical Center (that’s your cue to read it if you haven’t already).

She’s also passionate about cycling, and the two passions meet each year at the Death Ride. Leah completed it Saturday – 135 miles up and down the California Alps…15,000 feet of elevation change. I know…it sounds totally bananas, yet hundreds complete the ride each year.

But Leah didn’t do it just for herself: She did it for the VMC Foundation program called “Turning Wheels for Kids.” More and more children battle obesity and a sedentary life every year, and a bicycle can provide a way out. Leah, personally I am astounded. Professionally, I’m so grateful for the $10,000 + your ride raised. WAY TO GO!!!

(Oh…and the photo up top shows San Francisco 49’er players riding bikes they helped build for Turning Wheels late last year…they’ll do it again this year as well. Want to help? Give us a call.)
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