Recognizing Kathy Madlem, VMC Quality Improvement Coordinator

Katherine L MadlemThe VMC Foundation congratulates superstar VMC employee Kathy Madlem for her important role in combating sepsis at Valley Medical Center. Kathy is the manager of the VMC Foundation’s Sepsis Quality Improvement Fund and we support her coordination of VMC’s Sepsis Seminars. Kathy’s excellent communication skills, positive can-do attitude, and amazing follow-through make her a true partner of the VMC Foundation. Thank you, Kathy!


Kathy shared her thoughts in a recent interview with VMC Foundation Development Officer Debbie Burdsall:

Debbie: Can you give me some background on the sepsis training for VMC staff and how you became involved?

Kathy: I have been in my current role as Quality Improvement Coordinator for about three years. I am responsible for the coordination of hospital-wide efforts to prevent sepsis through early diagnosis. Since I have led the effort, VMC has seen a 50% decrease in mortality due to sepsis through improved screening and staff education.

A large part of my job is to provide training to VMC staff on the prevention and management of sepsis. I coordinate VMC’s Sepsis Seminars, bringing in experts on sepsis to educate staff. I really feel like part of my job is to inspire VMC staff and keep their passion for saving lives through early sepsis detection alive and ongoing.

Debbie: How long have you been at VMC and what do you like most about working here?

Kathy: I have been at VMC for 16 years. I spent 13 years working the night shift in the MICU. I very much enjoy working with our patient population because I feel like those we serve are vulnerable. By providing education and training on the prevention and early management of sepsis, I have a stake in improving the quality of care for all of our patients. I enjoy helping our staff develop the skill set to be better care providers, thus ensuring that our patients receive the best care possible.

Debbie: How has the VMC Foundation supported you and your work?

Kathy: The VMC Foundation helped me establish a fund for the Sepsis Seminars which allowed me to focus on planning the seminar content. Payments from seminar participants are processed through the Foundation’s Sepsis Quality Improvement Fund, and the fund is used to pay vendors and speakers. The Foundation recognized how important the sepsis training is for VMC staff and has been instrumental in helping to significantly reduce the cost for VMC staff to attend the seminars by helping to sponsor the training.

Debbie: What is something people might not know about you?

Kathy: I enjoy riding horses in my spare time, and I have 2 cats and 1 dog – all rescues!

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