I’m an uncle again!

Wonderful news: My sister-in-Law gave birth to Sophie and Olivia this week, so I’m an uncle twice more!

My extended family’s new twins reminds me of a great event you should attend the day after our VMC Foundation gala – which the alert reader knows is September 12.

So, hosted by the Coalition for Alcohol and Drug Free Pregnancies, their “Mothers’ Tea for Healthy Babies” takes place 9/13 at the St. Elizabeth Day Home in San Jose. Details are on their website, where you can buy tickets, but consider WHY you should attend:

– When a pregnant woman smokes, drinks or uses drugs, so does her baby (this you likely know)

– This NUMBER ONE cause of mental retardation is 100% preventable (again, you knew)

– Drug and alcohol use during pregancy has NOT declined in recent years (this really shocks me…maybe you too?)

Obviously, they have a lot of education to do, and your attending this event will help them do it. Thanks so much, and welcome Sophie and Olivia.

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