“I have hope. I have drive.” – Katie Sharify’s story…

Katie Sharify knows she has a bright future ahead of her. So do we!

Last month, Katie suffered a spinal cord injury in a terrible car crash – the kind that could happen to any of us. When she came to Valley Medical Center’s world-class Rehabiliation Department, she became part of history.

Katie Sharify is one of just five people in the United States to receive embryonic stem cells. This emerging treatment, pioneered at VMC and just a couple of other places in the nation, could lead to dramatic changes for patients like Katie…

…but it’s way too soon to tell, which is why Katie’s optimism and positive attitude is so inspiring. You just have to see the video posted to the Mercury News on their story today, and the great article also in the San Francisco Chronicle.

I’ve been lucky to spend just a few hours with Katie, but I have to tell you I’m a better person for it. You will be too.

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