How Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Is Staying Seismically Safe

If you have traveled to the VMC campus lately, you will notice that construction is well underway on Bed Building 1, a project funded by the residents of Santa Clara County after the passage of Measure A back in 2008.

The efforts of SCVMC were recently highlighted in the Winter 2010 issue of Healthcare Building Ideas, a quarterly publication focused on innovative construction projects in the Healthcare Industry. Read the FULL ARTICLE for an informative narrative on the important construction project taking place at your hospital.

Upgrading Seismic Safety Standards

California’s hospital safety law spurs Santa Clara Valley Medical Center to greater efforts to meet the deadline
by Tom Gormley

The medical center leadership decided to do more than just replace the hospital beds. They took an innovative approach to the planning and design process, and to the long-term functionality of the new bed building and facility upgrade. The new 370,000-sq.-ft. facility includes 168 ICU and acute-care beds.

“In addition to the usual goals of providing a positive patient experience in a state-of-the-art facility with electronic medical records, and wireless remote ICU capability, an additional focus was on providing maximum flexibility to accommodate changes in healthcare delivery, operations, and technology in the future,” Mowry says. “One place this is demonstrated is in patient rooms, which will be 100% private rooms. These rooms will have ADA-compliant bathrooms and patient lifts. Since they are private rooms, this will improve the patient experience and enhance quality care by decreasing patient transfers and hospital-acquired infections.”


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