How about some EXTREMELY local health care reform?

Alert readers of this blog remember that Measure A, passed a year ago by the oh-so smart and good-looking electorate of Santa Clara County, provided not just $790M to rebuild VMC, but $50M for health services in downtown San Jose.

So you want progress? Here’s progress – and a huge congrats to San Jose residents and thanks to the team that negotiated this deal…from today’s Mercury News:

Surprise deal for downtown San Jose hospital site
By Joe Rodriguez

Five years after downtown San Jose lost its hospital, Santa Clara County on Tuesday announced a surprising $28.3 million deal for the site in a plan that promises to bring back more than doctors and nurses.

“It gives the downtown a shot in the arm,” said Sam Liccardo, the neighborhood’s city councilman. “I know the community will be thrilled to hear that medical care is coming back.”

Read the full story here!

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  1. michelle
    michelle says:

    Hi Chris: I have some information on extremely local health care in your own backyard! Valley Medical Center. In your hospital is an amazing 18 year old named Jessica Huse. You may have heard about her on Channel 5 news earlier in the week, or during a vigil for her last night on the grounds of VMC. I'm sure you will hear her name more often as time goes by. She is being treated so miserably at the hospital you are on the Board of Directors for, I just thought you would like to know. Maybe you could introduce yourself to her parents. They are the scared, frantic, strong, amazing people that have been kicked out of her room and told they are just visitors and visiting hours are from 12-8 pm. Parents as visitors? Interesting health reform, Chris. Maybe you could read her website, or sign her petition, as 3,000 others have. Please take the time to see the real people in the hosptial, the patients and their families.


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