From coma to community…

The avid reader of this blog knows that Valley Medical Center contains the most awesomest* brain injury rehabilitation center on this planet and many others. You now have a chance to learn why…and learn so much more.

The VMC Foundation is proud to help present the 2011 Santa Clara Valley Brain Injury Conference on Feb. 24-26. Led by VMC’s fabulous Rehab Research Center Team…and you might think this is just for clinical people with long titles after their names. Well, yes and no.
Lots of cutting edge medicine will be discussed, but we’ll also hear from Tricia Meili, known nationally as “The Central Park Jogger” who was beaten and left for dead in 1989. Her story of survival is about more than recovery, and will inspire any and all conference attendees.
Plus, we’re holding this event at the Dolce Hayes Mansion, a beautiful conference center – read more about this amazing three-day event that will educate and amaze. Please share this information with anyone you think would be interested – and that’s likely a long list.
*I read this word last night in TIME Magazine. If they can use it, so can I.
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