Former NFL’er, now Sheriff’s Deputy is inspiration behind “Heroes Run”

Jeremy Jones

Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Jones was the inspiration and key organizer for the Sheriff’s Heroes Run Sponsored by SAP.

The 2nd Annual Sheriff’s Heroes Run Sponsored by SAP is just weeks away (Saturday, November 8th to be exact – buy tickets here).  The inaugural 2013 event both delighted and inspired participants with hilarious costumes, lots of adorable kids and a great cause. The 2014 edition brings a new and better venue in Cupertino, a fantastic presenting sponsor (thanks SAP!) and (hopefully) many many funds raised to benefit VMC Pediatrics.

The event is the brainchild of  Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Jones.  He first approached the VMC Foundation in the summer of 2013 with an idea to organize a charity run to benefit VMC.  He had already received the support of Sheriff Laurie Smith, and pledged that the entire department would help with the effort.

Jones came with an impressive back-story.  A local football star, he was drafted by the Buffalo Bills out of the University of Texas at El Paso.  When a career in football ended, he went back to college with aim of a career in law enforcement. He brought with him a strong ethic of public service, and a particular commitment to helping kids.  After becoming a Deputy, it did not take long for him to learn about how important VMC is to the kids of this community.

He wrote:

I  had responded to a call that involved a mother and small child. The mother was suffering from a mental illness while caring for her nine-month-old son. Due to her illness her son was lacking the proper care needed and was admitted to Valley Medical Center. I was the deputy chosen to chaperon the child while in the hospital. As hours passed and I held this little boy and became emotionally attached. During this time I spoke with the staff at Valley Medical Center and learned that they are one of the largest pediatric centers in California.  So I visited the unit and had the pleasure of meeting several children with injuries like a broken bone  or severe burn. Regardless of their situation, a smile shined from each child’s face. As I went room to room, I liked to ask the question, “Who is your hero?” One child’s response, “Cops and firefighters because you keep us safe and drive cool cars.” While replaying each child’s response in my head, I realized that these children are the true heroes. Each experience I encountered has left a lasting impression in my life and a passion to help children. That’s what inspired me to create the Heroes Run.” 

To learn more about the Sheriff’s Heroes Run Sponsored by SAP, click here


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