Flu shot poetry contest…let’s do this, people!

No flu for me, I’m safe from harm;
I got a small stab in my arm!

I got my shot this morning, and it hurt substantially less than the photo would indicate. In fact, I complained so much I didn’t notice anything until they told me to vacate the chair.

I then thought about poetry, which I’m told is NOT a side-effect of the vaccine. Not getting the flu is, though, and so is not giving your flu bug to others…pretty important stuff working in a medical center!

So I thought this up:

After the Democratic National Convention,
It’s time to give your flu shot some attention!

I know – pretty good, right? Or this way:

When the Democratic Convention
You have seen;
It’s time to get
Your flu vaccine!

Perhaps you prefer haiku:

I miss the outdoors
in bed all week with the flu
I should have listened

Think you can do better? I think you can too. Like, WAY better. Please, send me your flu shot poetry and I’ll tweet, Facebook, blog and share with others who need to get the message – getting vaccinated is a smart thing to do, and now is the time!

Write your poem in the comment section below:

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  1. doreen chavez
    doreen chavez says:

    A vaccine indeed,
    is all you need;
    To keep the flu,
    from making you blue.
    Give it no thought,
    it’s just one little shot.

  2. Nicole Saunders
    Nicole Saunders says:

    To have or not to have the Flu.
    This is the question.
    The thought of being under the weather and feeling blue
    Just gives me indigestion.
    Get the vaccine and feel protected.
    Don’t let your body be exposed and neglected.
    Just a little bit of your time taken aside
    Can ensure that the influenza virus will not be able to hide

  3. Frank Harrington
    Frank Harrington says:

    Go get your shot for the flu!
    You know it’s the right thing to do.
    If you miss this trick,
    You’ll find yourself sick
    And your patients may get your flu, too!

  4. Nary Sun
    Nary Sun says:

    You don’t want to get the flu
    You’d be in bed going Achooo

    You’d have some of these symptoms
    Just to name a few

    You might have a fever, chills, body aches
    Oh no!
    Maybe some diarrhea, vomitting and headaches too

    You don’t want to get the flu
    So get a flu shot!

    It’s best for you and those around you

  5. Melanie Young
    Melanie Young says:

    If good health is what you’re after
    This is what you need to do.
    Go find a friendly nearby clinic
    And get a shot against the flu.

    See, pesky flue germs have this habit
    They change a bit from year to year.
    You know the shot you had last autumn?
    Well, it’s effects have disappeared!

    To have the flu is a real bummer
    Even more so for the frail.
    And every year our loved ones suffer
    When to get the shot we fail.

    So be a hero! Get your flu shot!
    Do it soon-you should you should.
    Protect yourself and those around you
    Do the whole community good.

  6. Sean Wilcox
    Sean Wilcox says:

    Now is the time!
    Not after you feel blue.
    So get your vaccine on
    and help us all prevent the flu!

    Now is the time for a shot!
    Not the one enjoyed at happy hour.
    I’m talking about the flu vaccine,
    to help us all from feeling sour!

  7. Karlyne Amaral
    Karlyne Amaral says:

    Last year I got the crud and felt so blue.
    I thought I had been kicked with a shoe.
    I wanted to cry, “Boo Hoo”.
    I could have avoided this if I only got a &^%$ shot to prevent the flu!

  8. David Brody
    David Brody says:

    There once was a boy, so blue
    He didn’t know what to do
    He felt quite listless
    His tummy all twisted
    Without the vaccine, its flu!

  9. Cindi Richardson
    Cindi Richardson says:

    Once in awhile free gifts come along
    This dose in particular causes a song

    To be well every day is as good as gold
    It compares with the greatest story ever told

    Why suffer when absolutely no need
    Get out and help others and wish them god-speed

  10. Cheryl Blankenship Kupras
    Cheryl Blankenship Kupras says:

    The flu kills between 3000-49,000 Americans each year,
    If you get the shot you’ll have nothing to fear!

    The law requires that you get the shot or wear a mask;
    Protecting your coworkers and our patients that is your task.

    Even healthy people can get the flu,
    Get the shot so it won’t happen to you!

    It is a quick little shot in the arm,
    Pravin is gentle, she won’t do much harm.

    The shot is safe and won’t give you the flu;
    Protecting your coworkers and patients, it’s up to you!

    Washing your hands can help alot:
    For better protection, GET THE SHOT!

  11. Valerie Hopkins
    Valerie Hopkins says:

    1. To avoid feeling ill, turning green
    Get your shot of the new flu vaccine
    You might feel icky, but you won’t get sicky
    And could possibly Begin the Beguine

    2. We hope you won’t catch the flu
    The vaccine is a good thing to do.
    One poke in the arm will do you no harm
    And you can tell that old flu, adieu!

    3. Remember what the flu feels like?
    Well now you can say “take a hike”,
    If you had your shot, the flu you won’t got
    I guess you could say you’re on strike!

    4. Every smart guy and his date
    Gets a shot- and while it’s not great
    A pop in the arm will do you no harm
    And now you’re flu-free, celebrate!

  12. Mary Pacifico Curtis
    Mary Pacifico Curtis says:

    One thing I can tell you that’s true:
    you need not get sick with the flu

    just go get a shot
    and believe it or not

    you will not blacken or blue
    that shot stays with you like glue

    for months of protection from flu
    one shot is all you need do

  13. Inna Tauglich
    Inna Tauglich says:

    The Flu is a very contagious infection
    It is in Your power to get the protection

    It can spread in the spring, in the winter, or fall
    The key is prevention, for old, young and all

    A spray in the nose or a shot in the arm?
    Pick one and JUST DO IT!
    It shall NOT bring you harm.

  14. madelynn perez
    madelynn perez says:

    See the note on the credenza
    says Get the shot for Influenza
    If you don’t you’ll go insane
    blowing your nose and being in pain
    So call VMC – it’s simply that easy
    See you soon.
    Love Dr. Sneezy

  15. Verna DeCoux
    Verna DeCoux says:

    Flu season is near
    So hold out your arm
    No not for a beer
    It won’t do any harm

    It’s a fine needle
    To keep you clear from the sniffles
    Your co-workers won’t wheedle
    So help stop the riffle

  16. Casey Stith
    Casey Stith says:

    Central Coast VNA
    We are the Flu Crew

    Covering Monterey, Santa Cruz and Salinas
    We cover the distances,
    To help the masses..
    Senior centers, schools, nursing homes and more

    Never has it been,
    So easy to do, a lot for so many,
    With one simple prick,
    You avoid being sick!

    It’s not just about you,
    But babies and seniors too

    Be wise – immunize!!!!!


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