Donors Help Make VMC’s Regional Burn Center a Healing Place for Families

(The following story was originally published in the Fall 2012 issue of the VMC Foundation Impact Report, available online by clicking here.)

16 month-old Anavieve during a follow-up visit with Burn Center resident, Dr. Lauren Fischer.

When 16 month-old Anavieve reached for a hot cup of tea, parents Christina and Teddy watched in horror as scalding liquid rained down over her chest, back and face. Knowing she would need medical attention, they called 911. Emergency Medical Techs on the scene told them they would take Anavieve to VMC’s Regional Burn Center, where she could receive the care she needed.

Christina and Teddy stayed with their small daughter over the next eight days, comforting her as Burn Center staff treated her for first and second-degree burns. This specially trained team also supported Anavieve’s parents as they dealt with a host of emotions, including guilt. Christina relates, “Not only were they wonderful with Anavieve, they were excellent with us. They gave us the tools we needed to work with her, and helped us understand that by remaining strong we could help her feel less frightened.”

Christina says that the availability of a fully equipped playroom in the nearby Pediatric Unit got the family out of the clinical setting and returned a sense of normalcy to their lives. Because of the generosity of donors to the VMC Foundation, the warm and inviting playroom is stocked with toys, movies and educational DVDs, providing needed respite for smaller patients and their families.

Christina also credits VMC Foundation donors for helping provide specialized equipment used to rehabilitate Burn Center patients, including games, activities and healing burn patient clothing. “We are so lucky to have this medical resource,” she told us. “Anavieve is home and healing well. I think the outcome could have been very different without the VMC Burn Center. I’m very grateful to this excellent team and to the donors to the VMC Foundation!”

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