Corporate citizenship is alive in Silicon Valley!

This morning I read Time Magazine’s article on corporate social responsibility/history of capitalism, written by a man who knows (Bill Gates). It’s a very well done piece, with a national and global perspective.

How the issue plays here in Silicon Valley is one of my favorite topics…and the timing of the article is amazing.

You see, when I finished reading the piece in Time, I drove to a meeting of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, a very powerful organization made up of the biggest names in Silicon Valley. Founded by David Packard and led by Carl Guardino, SVLG looks out for the interests of Silicon Valley corporations.

But here’s the cool part: They look out for the entire community’s well-being too…and not as an aside, but as a MAJOR focus of their work. SVLG’s members understand that corporate profits ring pretty hollow without good schools, transportation, housing and, yes, HEALTH CARE for everyone.

So it comes as no surprise that they enthusiastically endorsed Measure A today, the bond to safeguard Valley Medical Center. New to this blog? Read a couple posts below for more info on this important measure, which Santa Clara County voters can approve this November.

The SVLG’s endorsement of Measure A adds them to a long list of supporters, and it’s growing fast. I think that David Packard – and Bill Gates – would be proud.

Wanna learn more? Call Elizabeth at the campaign at 408-888-0397.

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