Chris Wilder Gets a Flu Shot, Is Now a Happier Person

Chris Wilder Flu Shot 2013SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CA – Chris Wilder, Executive Director of the VMC Foundation, received his flu shot today at the VMC Employee Health office in the Valley Specialty Center.  As with all employees of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, VMC Foundation staff are required to receive flu shots each year in order to minimize the risk of illness.

“You have to be crazy not to do this,” said Wilder.  “The flu is the worst.  Thankfully, I don’t have to worry because I got my flu shot.  I now understand what happiness really is.”

Wilder reported that the process was even easier than normal.   Thanks to a new electronic registration system, ReadySet, VMC employees can complete the needed “paperwork” from the comfort of their own computer prior to receiving the vaccination.

The injection itself went off without a hitch.  Employee Health staff were friendly and courteous as always, and Wilder said that the shot barely hurt at all.

“If you work for VMC, go do this right now, ” said Wilder.  “Also, if you don’t work at VMC but are a human being, also do this.”

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