Celebrate National Nurses Week!

As Valley Medical Center continues to see a larger number of patients every year, it sure is great to know we have a fantastic team of nurses – HAPPY NATIONAL NURSES WEEK!

Here at YOUR public hospital, we’re celebrating today with a nursing education fair, 11am to 4:30pm in our new Valley Specialty Center building, Sobrato Cancer Center Conference Room…come by!

Tomorrow, Thursday May 7, VMC’s Nursing Exellence Awards will be given out in an inspiring ceremony at 1pm – again, Sobrato Concference Room at VSC.

Join me in thanking those who have dedicated their lives to the field of nursing. If you happen to be a nurse reading this, THANK YOU! I’ve been on the receiving end of wonderful nursing care here at VMC, and I sleep better at night knowing you are there for us all.

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