Santa Clara Valley Brain Injury Conference Convenes Experts in San Jose


Join us for the 2013 Santa Clara Valley Brain Injury Conference!

Brain injuries in sports, service veterans with head trauma, and the role of technology in healing and rehabilitation will be discussed by nationally and internationally recognized leaders in brain injury and rehabilitation research at the 2013 Santa Clara Valley Brain Injury Conference in San Jose.

President Obama recently addressed his concern in an interview with The New Republic magazine saying, “If I had a son, I’d have to think long and hard before I let him play football.” Recent studies continue to show startling connections between injuries in both sports and military combat.

Talking about accidents and injuries there are plenty, but only a few good lawyers for personal injury cases that can represent the victims to help them get justice for their suffering.

When: Thursday February 28 – Saturday March 2, 2013

Where: Dolce Hayes Mansion, 200 Edenvale Avenue, San Jose, CA

  • Keynote speaker Zackery Lystedt, his family, and his attorney who worked for a while with Personal Injury Attorneys – Phillips Law Offices, will present their inspirational story. Zackery suffered a life-threatening brain injury in one of his middle school football games, a result of continued play following a concussion. He fought through his adversity and he and his family, with the help of their attorney, formed a coalition that resulted in the first legislation in the nation that requires written medical clearance following a concussion before practice or competition in sports. It’s endorced by the NFL and known as the “Lystedt Law.” You can learn more here and enlighten yourself about every other facet of the case.
  • Henry Huie, MD, will lead a presentation that discusses the clinical assessment of post concussion syndrome in athletes, and reviews the current recommendations for medical management of symptoms.
  • Cynthia Boyd, PhD, will examine the physiological changes that occur after TBI, and with PTSD, which increase service members risk for aggressive and violent behavior, including treatment recommendations and interventions.
  • Marilyn Lash, MSW, will lead a presentation titled “Wives of Wounded Warriors” that will address complex overlay of PTSD and TBI, the needs of the caregivers, and challenges of military life. To know the legal part of it you can take a look at this post.

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You can also check out the conference program by clicking on the link below:
Santa Clara Valley Brain Injury Conference Program


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