Bionic legs help patients walk again!

At the VMC Foundation, 2011 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting years ever. One reason is eLegs: A new technology that literally could replace the wheelchair for millions living with paraplegia.





Yes – think of it.
As profiled in TIME Magazine a week ago, this new invention by Berkeley Bionics promises a new reality for people with spinal cord injuries, stroke, MS, or any condition that has them unable to use their legs. This amazing “exoskeleton” fits over the user’s legs, they stand up, and they walk.
But here’s what TIME didn’t specify: There is only ONE rehabilitation center in the country that will be the first to test eLegs. You guessed it: Valley Medical Center.
This fact recently captured the attention of TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington, one of the nation’s most respected tech gurus. He then blogged about it, we set up a Facebook Cause, and with his encouragement, the donations are coming in to support this vital program.
Please join us, and if you’re looking to be a part of history, please consider donating today…years from now, we all may look back and say “I helped change the future.”
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