Bank of America Makes Grant to Support Critical Needs of VMC Patients

San Jose homelessSupporters of VMC Foundation know that Valley Medical Center provides health services to 1 in 4 residents of Santa Clara County and has an open door policy that guarantees everyone access to healthcare, regardless of ability to pay. But often overlooked is the fact that poor health is commonly linked to other conditions, such as substandard housing and lack of healthy food. We strive to serve the comprehensive health and welfare needs of patients by providing wraparound services like case management, emergency housing, food assistance, and acquisition of benefits to help break the cycle of poverty. In fact, no other agency in our area provides as many services to low-income families.

These types of critical needs services are supported by a $20,000 grant from Bank of America Charitable Foundation. Bank of America makes grants to organizations that aim to create a pathway to stability for those who rely on safety net services. Our partnership with Bank of America enables VMC to consider and address the variety of factors that influence a person’s health.

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