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Wow…you want a humbling experience?

Now, I know I’m not the first person to Google themselves…but really – how many people find out that they share a name with a famous serial killer? Yep. Especially because I’m trying to educate folks about Measure A on the November ballot, I figured it would be important that they be able to find […]

Leah’s wild ride!

Leah Toeniskoetter (left) is the Board Chair of the VMC Foundation, and a bit of an understated overachiever. If you read the post below this one, you know how passionate she is about Valley Medical Center (that’s your cue to read it if you haven’t already). She’s also passionate about cycling, and the two passions […]

Did you feel the quake?

Yes – we had a small earthquake early this morning in San Jose. Yet another reminder of the discussion, growing louder every day, about how we must safeguard our community’s largest hospital – Valley Medical Center – in case the next one is NOT a small earthquake. Seismologists agree with we who grew up here: […]

Silicon Valley losing another hospital?

A story appeared in the San Jose Mercury News this week that you may have missed…but to paraphrase Paul Harvey, it could be “the day’s news of most lasting significance”. The story reports that Los Gatos Community Hospital’s future is in doubt, as Tenet Healthcare Corporation – LGCH’s operator – will not renew their lease […]

Special delivery…and it’s a BIG ONE!

Wanna see something fantastic? That big machine there is called a linear accelerator…and no, it’s not the mile-long kind at Stanford. Rather, that’s the VERY high-tech cancer treatment device, made by Varian, and purchased by a team of dedicated donors to the VMC Foundation. It weighs five tons. This is where we trust in cranes…and […]

Some very important updates – read on!

Friends, it’s now official: Santa Clara County voters will get a chance to save Valley Medical Center in November. “Measure A” was enthusiastically brought to life two days ago by our county board of supervisors, who hope that voters will pass this bond measure. If they do, it will raise $840,000,000 to replace VMC’s seismically […]

You just gotta see this cool technology…

So yesterday I had a great “field trip” up to Menlo Park to visit Alter G. This cool new company has invented a “gravity reducing” machine! VMC Foundation champion and donor Bill Peacock advises the Alter G team and suggested I check them out for their medical applications. I’m no doctor (REALLY no doctor), but […]

Let’s end the week on a POSITIVE note!

I have two bits of great news for you: First, we were visited by our friend and community champion Dick Levy yesterday. Dr. Levy is the Chairman of Varian Medical Systems, and he and his wife Susan have become two of Silicon Valley’s true heroes in philanthropy. Continuing his support for VMC, the Levys gave […]

The Valley Foundation’s BIG gift!

People often call The Valley Medical Center Foundation “The Valley Foundation” for short…and I am right there, every time, to correct them. “No no,” I say, “It’s VALLEY MEDICAL CENTER Foundation.” This is obnoxious, but important. Important because there is actually “The Valley Foundation” in Los Gatos, and today they told us they are contributing […]

One big step closer to saving VMC…

Folks, June 11 was a day to make you proud to live in Santa Clara County…or make you wish you did. All five county supervisors voted to place an initiative on the November ballot that, if passed, would raise the money to re-build Valley Medical Center! The alert reader will remember that VMC has seismically-unsafe […]