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Our Gala and Measure A Support!

I’ve figured out about blogging: If you do it right, you don’t really need to write much…just point out great writing that others have done – such a snap! We’re so glad that the Mercury News truly understands Valley Medical Center, as their lead editorial today urging a YES vote on Measure A clearly demonstrates: […]

Movie Review: The Bucket List

Starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, I figured this Rob Reiner-directed flick would be well-acted, but shallow. Wrong! A poignient film with lots of good messages, I enjoyed it from start to finish. Oh – except for what we pro movie reviewers call a “continuity error” right near the beginning. Continuity errors make it difficult […]

Valley Medical Center: When old was new…

Friends, I just had to share this fantastic photo of Valley Medical Center’s “new main” hospital. New, of course, in 1965. That’s when we’re quite sure this was taken. You car buffs can probably tell me if that’s correct. What I can tell you for sure is that for 50 years, starting in 1960 and […]

Seen any good movies lately?

When we redesigned the VMC Foundation website last year, we thought it would be fun to post videos on YouTube to show off parts of Silicon Valley’s biggest, busiest hospital. By “we”, I mean me and a couple of our staff members, including Michael Elliott, Director of Program Development. Our goal was to share some […]

Corporate citizenship is alive in Silicon Valley!

This morning I read Time Magazine’s article on corporate social responsibility/history of capitalism, written by a man who knows (Bill Gates). It’s a very well done piece, with a national and global perspective. How the issue plays here in Silicon Valley is one of my favorite topics…and the timing of the article is amazing. You […]

Hooked on Reality TV?

Real emergencies happen every day…maybe not to you, thankfully, but they have – and they will again. Are you prepared? You may have missed this fantastic article in the Mercury News from earlier this spring, and since we have kind permission from the Newspaper of Silicon Valley to reprint it, I’m sharing it with you […]