At VMC you will walk, never alone

VMC physicians save lives everyday – curing disease, rehabilitating injury and giving our patients hope for the future. But rarely do they get the opportunity to fundamentally alter the course of modern medicine, potentially impacting lives throughout the world. Until now.

Dr. Akshat Shah, a leader of VMC’s renowned Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Unit, joined the Medical Advisory Board of Berkeley Bionics to do what many would say is impossible – to use technology and robotics to allow paralyzed people to walk again. He joined Berkeley Bionics last week in San Francisco for the unveiling of their revolutionary bionic exoskeleton. The results, as the video shows, are astounding. (Dr. Shah is identified as affiliated with Stanford University in the video because like many VMC Physicians, he also teachers at the Stanford School of Medicine.)

Dr. Shah and Berkeley Bionics will continue testing the technology at VMC in the coming year, working with the VMC Foundation as we seek funding to support the project.

The potential is clear – thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, may walk again.

As Dr. Shah says in the video below, “that’s how you change the world.”

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