An unwelcome bridge to 1988

Twenty years ago, I was a junior at San Jose State University. I bet I’m not alone in remembering the multitudes of homeless mentally ill people that roamed the campus everyday, after massive budget cuts left them nowhere to go in downtown San Jose.

Fast-forward twenty years, and reading today’s Mercury News article, and I fear we’re heading the same direction – a disgrace and a tragedy. Folks, the money is just NOT THERE to provide for the severely mentally ill, most of whom also have substance abuse issues. As the article describes, if we cut services for treatment today, we’ll pay much more tomorrow when they wind up in our jails.

If you’re as upset about this as I am, you can at least be assured that our elected officials on the Board of Supervisors are as well…their task to balance the budget is a horrific one. If you’re in a position to donate to the VMC Foundation for VMC’s mental health or alcohol/drug treatment services, we’ll ensure your gift is put to good use…and soon.

Call me at 408-885-5299 if you want to help…or just to vent your frustrations!

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