Silicon Valley
COVID-19 Aid Coalition

The Valley Medical Center Foundation and the Silicon Valley Leadership Group have organized the Silicon Valley COVID-19 Aid Coalition in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to procure personal protective equipment, medical supplies and other essential materials needed by our local public, private and nonprofit hospitals and clinics. In consultation with regional experts, we have developed a set of product specifications and general guidelines for the most needed items.

These documents are a resource for those looking to buy, donate, or directly make these materials. If you have questions or comments on the documents, please contact Kat Wortham via email.

The VMC Foundation thanks the members of this powerful Coalition for the meticulous and time-intensive work to produce these specifications. The power of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group is on display here. Our collective hope is that they may be used to make procurement and manufacturing decisions easier, here in our region and beyond.

Product Guidelines

For more information on ways to help COVID-19 healthcare workers, click here.